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Our Values

We Value Seeking After God and Knowing His Word
  • Prayer and feeding on the Word are non-negotiable spiritual disciplines that foster spiritual growth and deepen our intimacy with God. Both individual and corporate praying and fasting is continually emphasized and practiced.
  • We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word and we systematically teach study, apply and obey it.

We Value Reaching the Lost and Discipleship.

  • The reality of a lost world on the edge of a Christ-less eternity is ever in the forefront of our minds. We are committed to remain passionate in reaching the world with the message of the Gospel “one person at a time.” We actively seek out and build relationships with non-believers and look for opportunities to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways. We aim first to grown as disciples of Jesus Christ ourselves, then to make disciples of others.

We Value Growing in Christ-likeness

  • Our desire is for the Holy Spirit to work deep within us so the character and nature of Jesus Christ (Fruit of the Spirit) are progressively displayed in all aspects of our private and public lives. Growing in Christ-likeness is a life-long pursuit and it is not a level of maturity that is achieved quickly, but through the daily application of the spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith. We simply want to be growing followers of Christ.

We Value Community

  • Church life comes into its richest meaning when believers encounter the Word and one another in the context of small group settings. Our aim is for our small groups to have the nurturing atmosphere of a family and the commitment and accountability of a squad of soldiers. We highly value sitting in a living room, having coffee and engaging in face-to-face conversations with friends. Sharing stories about hopes, dreams, pains and celebrating as we get to watch the beauty of the Kingdom grow in the lives of each other. Small groups are the place where relationships are deepened, pastoral care is provided and saints are mobilized to reach the lost.